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IMG_1622Last week at the Art Museum I realized my aura gazing days were over.

Museums are excellent places to practice seeing auras. The huge rooms with lightly colored and flatly lit walls are very conducive to seeing energy fields. People are easy to focus on as they stand or slowly walk around looking and thinking intently about the art. It’s a perfect set up. After looking at the exhibitions I have always practiced a little aura gazing and have learned quite a bit from it. When the art has particularly inspired me, I have also noticed that I can see the energy fields much easier.

So looking at auras used to be pretty basic; like noticing a woman with a green coat and her lavender energy field. Or seeing a man’s light blue shirt matching his light blue aura. Fairly superficial, but educational and relaxing.

Last weekend I was a bit surprised, because right off the bat I could easily see several colors in everyone’s energy field in the room. I did not even have to relax into it. One man had brighter light on top of his head, then a small gap and then less light around the back of his head. Headache? Irritation? He did not look relaxed.

This was the first time it occurred to me that seeing energy fields of people who are not on my healing table may be an invasion of their privacy. I had never learned anything personal from my aura exercises before except the interesting fashion correlations. Aura gazing was just another layer of people watching.

At the start of this blog I was working very hard to see people’s energy fields because I thought it would make me a better healer. Now I know that is not the case (Check out this blog post). Seeing, feeling and even hearing energy does not make you a better healer. You may not perceive anything while you do a healing and help your client or family member just as much, maybe even more, than another healer with a long list of observations.

I still think for people new to energy work seeing auras is very a validating exercise. When I give talks on energetic healing I will still recommend beginners look at energy fields everywhere – at the museums, on the bus, at the grocery store. Seeing auras can open the door to a whole new paradigm of how the world works.

I have decided my aura gazing days are over though, except when people are on my healing table asking me to help them balance their energy fields. When I’m watching a public speaker, I can’t help sometimes get a flash of his or her energy field, but I guess having people see your aura is just part of being public.

I have to say the show I saw at SFMOMA was magnificent.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Cynthia Hutchinson

In the May Healing Touch Program Community Newsletter there is a brilliant letter by Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, MSN, HTCP/I, that synchronistically describes my own recent insights. When I first read it I checked to make sure it had not been addressed directly to me. It’s another example of how my Healing Touch community supports my practice.

Cynthia Hutchison is the Program Director for the Healing Touch Program™ and has been studying holistic healing and energy therapies since the early 80’s. One of her many credentials includes a doctoral degree in nursing science. She has maintained a private Healing Touch practice for over 20 years and teaches all levels of the Healing Touch curriculum.

In her letter Cynthia describes how after 30 years of doing energy work she rarely feels kinesthetic sensations and gathers most of her session feedback through common sense, intuition and listening to her clients. Near the end of her letter she has a brilliant quote by Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov:

“…True initiates do not seek to develop mediumistic faculties. They work only to purify themselves, to grow in wisdom, love and self-mastery, so that they can project themselves as high as possible inwardly. Once they reach this peak, the substance of their being is so refined it is imbued with the very quintessence of the universal Soul. This quintessence, in which everything is recorded, enables them to see and feel whatever they wish to know. And so their work allows them to acquire not only power but clairvoyance as well.” – Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov

If I had read this quote a year ago, would I have comprehended the deep significance it has for me? Would Cynthia’s letter have had such a deep impact?

Last year I really thought that the more of my clients aura I could see the better healer I would be. About a month ago in a previous post I describe the realization that this was not true, that seeing auras was not the path to becoming a better healer. Then, before I went on vacation I realized that the one thing I had been basing the validity of my healing practice on – my own tangible common sense experience of doing a healing – was not as tangible and certainly not objective as I thought.

I often feel energy as heat when I give a healing. During a session I had my hands on a client’s knee and I became distinctly aware that I could not tell if my hands were hot or if his knee was just really cold. It was not so much the actual sensation that shocked me, but the distinct shift and instantaneous certainly in my awareness that there was no objective reality in my perception.

This was a huge and profound insight for me. It was also not pleasant. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me. It was so disorienting that I felt lost. Right after this realization I went to England for my Mother-in-law’s funeral and then took my vacation. I was out of my routine and distracted by the details of travel. I didn’t have to process the ramifications of this new awareness right away. Funny how things work out.

I understand now that my healing journey is not a process of becoming a better healer by developing extrasensory perception. Cynthia stated it so well in her letter. It’s about just being, about letting go and staying clear.

What does this mean?

I’m not really sure, but I have about five half-written posts that I am never going to publish because they are now irrelevant. So many questions feel answered. I have also felt a shift in my sessions. Healings feel even more effortless for me, and still very effective for my clients. There is an absence of striving. I also feel so relaxed. I mean a new kind of relaxed that I would describe as a deeper peace.

So I will just continue with my healing practice and stay open to what happens next. It all feels really, really good.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Clarity Breathworker in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

I had a sudden surge in my aura perceiving abilities.

It happened early one morning at my favorite neighborhood cafe. I was waiting for my chilaquiles to arrive. It was raining outside and the soft light was obviously perfect for seeing energy fields.

I could see clear but thick wavy spaces around the bodies of the three other costumers in the restaurant, as well as the cook and the two waitresses. When someone passed between me and a blank wall I could easily see, or sense, a color. Sometimes I saw two colors. I didn’t have to squint or relax my eyes, it was right there, plain as day. It was beautiful, and the whole room had a misty, dreamy glow.

When I first started writing this blog about a year ago, seeing auras was a major goal of mine and I was always consciously trying to perceiving them. I thought that if I could see my client’s energy fields I would be a better healer. On this morning I really understood that seeing auras is a byproduct of something else, and it is this  “something else” that has made me a better healer. The problem is I’m not quite sure what that something is. This insight was the most profound part of my pre-breakfast experience.

That morning, before the auras distracted me, I was thinking about a massage client who had made her transition the week before. I had met her in the hospital a few days after she had a major stroke. After that first massage I saw her on the first Monday of every month and worked with her for many years. She was a very special human being and I really looked forward to our sessions.

Her family had taken wonderful care of her, she had lived a long life and it was all good. I was feeling sad that I was not going to see her again, but I was also feeling intensely grateful, too. Grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know someone so remarkable on such a deep level. Grateful that I could help her feel better when she was bedridden. Grateful that my life handed me this rich and meaningful experience on a silver platter.

The feeling of being grateful kept growing until it spiraled out of control and that’s when I noticed all the auras. It was a kind of opening, I think. Since that morning I feel like I can visually see more activity in my clients energy fields. It still depends on the day, my energy and the person’s field I am looking at.

I don’t think there was just one thing that triggered that morning’s experience. It must have been everything: my emotional state, the weather, my client’s transition, and even the anticipation of a great breakfast. I think everything just happened to sync up at the right moment.

It is hard to describe moments like this one. It’s important for me to take the time to give these experiences more space in my life and become more conscious of them. Maybe the more space I create, the more moments I will experience opening up for me.

Cell-Level Healing

by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, PhD

Next time you are browsing in a bookstore I recommend you take a few minutes and check out Cell-Level Healing by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes.

This nonfiction book is written from the unique perspective of a cell biologist who then became a healer. Biophysicist Joyce Whiteley Hawkes was also a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Health and a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In other works, she has been a very serious scientist. After getting struck on the head with a decorative leaded-glass window, Hawkes had what she realized later was a classic near-death experience.

An experience that opened her to a new level of healing consciousness.

Cell-Level Healing is about how she sees and perceives energy and how she heals from a cellular level. Hawkes sees biology as a way to understand how miraculous the body really is. The more we know about the cells of our body the more we will appreciate how precious all of life is.

She states,”Rather than struggle against the body and our sojourn here on earth, the body can be experience as a sacred temple of the spirit and an expression of consciousness. This knowledge is the first step toward a life of fullness and oneness of spirit and physical existence – a seamless connection from Soul to Cell.”

The most thought-provoking chapter to me at this moment in my healing practice is Chapter 4, Flow and Soul-Signatures.

Hawkes clearly and accurately describes two principles she has found in our human energy fields that I’ve been aware of and working with for years, yet never had the words for.

1. Each person embodies a distinctive variation on universal energy; a natural and unique pattern exists for each individual consciousness. I call this quality their Soul-Signature.

2.  In a healthy individual there is an abundant flow of energy through the body. In this regard I will use the word Flow to convey the quantitative aspects of speed and direction of the Soul-Signature.

Flow and Soul-Signature. I have written these two definitions into my personal dictionary of healing words. I feel like my whole brain has been feng shuied with this new perspective.

In my work as a healer, I feel with my hands my client’s Soul-Signature and Flow. What I feel gives me information about how much energy my client will be able to use in the session. Hawkes actually sees the colors or frequencies of the flow as a cylinder of light lying above the spine.

Since reading Hawkes’s book, I’ve been wondering how MY Soul-Signature is affecting my clients and asking myself these questions:

  • Do I as a healer, with my unique Soul-Signature, bring out certain frequencies and energies in my client’s Soul-Signature?
  • Why do some healers have better results with certain diseases than others?
  • Why can William Bengston heal fast growing cancers, but have zero effect on a wart?
  • Why do some people heal faster than other people?
  • Could the Soul-Signature be an important factor in how we think about healing?

I don’t have the answers, but I feel the questions are pointing me in an interesting direction.

This book has been quite inspiring to me. I recommend you check it out!

“Healing must touch the cells, because illness begins at the cellar level.”
— Cell-Level Healing by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, PhD

A woman asked me the other day, “What exactly do you do when you do a healing?”

I told her I assess the electromagnetic energy field around my client’s body and assist in rebalancing her energy so she can self-heal.

More specifically, I told her that if it were her session, she would be lying comfortably on the table fully clothed with her shoes off. Soft music would be playing in the background. I would move my hands about three inches slowly above her and note any variations in her energy field. Then I would feel and assess her aura, mainly with my hands.

If I found an area that felt “thick” or “stagnant” I’d use my hands in a sweeping motion to move and clear the thickness from that part of the body to restore a smooth energy flow in her energy field. If I found an area that felt cold, I might place my hand on the body, letting the energy flowing through me revitalize and warm the area.

A balanced body heals itself. I should really call myself an energetic rebalancer instead of an energetic healer. But that would mean even more explaining!

When your energy is balanced and flowing it is so much easier to feel relaxed, grounded in your body and fully present. You can physically feel the difference before and after the session.

This is the practical no-nonsense explanation of what I do in a healing. Yet my clients come out of their sessions and report seeing colors, images, or feel like they traveled to another place during their sessions. Clients have also said they have experienced the divine or have felt a very deep peace. Clients have to discover this in the healing session for themselves, because it would take too long for me to explain!

Have a wonderful weekend and please feel free to call or comment with any questions. Phone: 510-601-9632.

From the Book Path Of The Dream Healer

The Path Of The Dream Healer

As a Healing Touch Practitioner I have always wanted to see the auras of my clients.  I mean physically “see” the colors, chakras and energy flow of the field.  I thought that if I could see the energy that would make me a better healer.

For the first ten years of my Healing Touch practice I focused my eyes on the energy field of every person I worked with hoping that someday I would finally “see.” I studied the Barbara Brennan books; I studied The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater; and I studied every other energy book I could find. I read about other people’s experiences of seeing and opening up to the energy. I also painted my healing room a light blue, because certain colors seemed to bring out more activity around my client’s heads.

Then finally, one day in 2010, I was looking at the illustrations in the book The Path of The Dream HealerAdam McLeod‘s illustrations of auras showed human bodies surrounded by soft, glowing colors. Instantly I realized I had been seeing energy fields all along. I had been looking for the illustrations in the Barbara Brennan books – and not really perceiving what was really in front of me. It was an incredible moment. I could now see auras and even show other people how to do the same. It was so profound for me it felt a little surreal. A paradigm shift. What else was I not perceiving?

I have also found that learning to “see” has not instantly made me a better healer. I still primarily get information about my client’s energy by feeling the aura with my hands and by just “knowing” what I need to do in the session.

Now that I actually perceive more of what I see, I find I see things differently than the experiences I have read about. I frequently see tiny orbs of light fade in and out in my client’s fields.  These lights are mostly neon blue and white, but sometimes I see orange, red and black. I have no idea what these lights are, yet I always feel very relaxed and peaceful when I notice them. Then again, I usually feel relaxed and peaceful in my healing sessions and I do not always notice them.

In my first Healing Touch class my teacher and mentor Carol Kinney said that she could not feel energy for the first two years of doing Healing Touch. It was the glowing reports from her healee’s that inspired her do Healing Touch until she could feel the energy herself.  I found this inspiring and incredibly interesting.  I know that I am aware of only a small percentage of what is happening in my sessions, even after 10 years of doing the work. And I learn something new everyday, and really, in every healing.

Our healing gifts and perceptual abilities are as unique and specialized as we are. I realized just how unique and specific while listening to a radio show called Seeing Beyond a few years back.  I was in my healing room preparing for my next session while James Van Praagh was talking with Bonnie Coleen about spiritual house cleaning. James Van Praagh is a spiritual medium that has written many books including: Ghosts Among Us, Talking to Heaven, and Reaching to Heaven.

He was describing how he and Mary Ann Winkowski were energetically clearing houses.  Mary Ann Winkowski is also a medium and wrote a book about her life, abilities and paranormal experiences called When Ghosts Speak. Van Praagh stated that Winkowski could see spirits when they were earthbound and he could communicate with them only after they had crossed over. I had always thought a medium would be able to communicate with anyone that had left his or her body. It’s as if everyone has their own bandwidth they can tune into.

I feel like I am on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to perceiving reality, or more specifically, my bandwidth of reality. I find the stories of other healers, psychics, artists, and intuitive people incredibly inspiring. I know my ability to perceive energy has greatly increased over the years and with every healing I will continue to expand my awareness.

If you have any stories of how you perceive energy as a healer or as the recipient of a healing sessions, please feel free to share them!

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